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dog reading the newspaper and wearing tony garciaThe Ilex Cheater Challenge

Stop cheating yourself ...
Drugstore readers just make things look bigger, and things are easier to see when they're bigger, even if they're still blurry.

These "glasses" aren't your prescription, and can cause distortion and eye strain.

Trade up this month ... book an eye exam, purchase prescription glasses, and we'll give you $50 in exchange for your cheaters.

CoViD-19 Pandemic Update

We are very pleased to announce that we're back!

As of June 2 2020, Ilex Eye Associates has re-opened for scheduled appointments only.

Masks covering both mouth and nose must be worn by all patients, staff, and optometrists at all times.

Unfortunately, no walk-ins can be accommodated at this time.

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience of being closed, and thank you for your patience and understanding over the past ten weeks.

We also thank you in advance for your ongoing support. Despite a long closure and a reduced schedule to keep everyone safe, we have not increased our fees. As such, we would appreciate the opportunity to provide both your eye care and your eye wear (glasses and contact lenses).

Stay safe, and enjoy the summer.


Continuing Education ...

... we are filled with wonder for what we do, and are addicted to discovery ... we pursue every opportunity for education, actively seeking out the best, understanding that knowledge is power and the currency for better patient care.


Honest and Open Communication ...

... truth is the only way to go, and our thoughts, words, and actions will take this path with everyone, every time, in the most loving way possible.

A Servant's Heart ...

... means that we treat our patients as if we were the patient, for no other reason than it is the right thing to do, intentionally setting aside personal agendas, making decisions based upon best care only, and accepting any economic benefits that follow as secondary.


The Best in Services and Products ...

... means that our recommendations to patients are always governed by "the best for the least" principle, recognizing that the most expensive option is not necessarily the best, but the cheapest is very likely the worst, maximizing the value equation to enhance our patients' quality of life.

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