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What about frame styles and materials?

For many people, frames have gone from being a requirement to being an accessory, and they spend as much time selecting their glasses as they do purchasing jewelry or clothing ... and why not? After all, you probably wear your frames every day for a few years. With a large selection of metal, rimless, and plastic frames (including sunglasses) in shapes and colors to suit all faces, prescriptions, and budgets, Ilex Eye Associates is the place to get your new specs after your eye exam.

What sort of spectacle lenses should I get?

The majority of spectacle lenses are now made of plastic materials, which makes them dramatically lighter than glass lenses. When combined with a quality scratch resistant coating, these lenses are very durable: unfortunately, there is no such thing as a ‘guaranteed scratch-proof’ lens. Polycarbonate or Trivex materials are often utilized for industrial or pediatric applications because they are unbreakable (and that's guaranteed). Higher prescriptions may benefit from aspheric and/or high index lenses with anti-reflection coatings: while more expensive, they can dramatically reduce lens weight and thickness, reduce distortions, and improve both your vision and the lens appearance.

Why do I need to wear glasses?

Your optometrist can explain the specifics of your vision in more detail, as there are a number of conditions that may require the use of spectacles. In brief, nearsightedness typically results in blurred distance vision, while farsightedness often causes headaches, strain, or blurring when reading or using a computer. Astigmatism causes distortion at all distances, leading to blurring and strain. Around the age of forty, essentially everyone develops presbyopia, a focusing deficiency that blurs near vision, often after a lifetime of otherwise excellent sight. All these conditions, or a combination thereof, may necessitate the wearing of glasses.

Why should I get my glasses from my optometrist?

Let’s be honest: you can buy your glasses anywhere, from an optical store, to the internet, to the supermarket. At Ilex Eye Associates, our philosophy is to bring you the best quality at the least cost, emphasizing value over bottom-line price. We also pride ourselves on our ongoing service, making sure that you're always as happy with your glasses as the day you picked them out.

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